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Today, I am starting something that has been growing in my heart for a couple of years. It's scary and exciting, but I am ready to jump.


This story starts way back in the 2005 when I was a sports radio producer and on-air in Texas. My passion for creating content comes from my history in sports radio.  My approach to marketing has always been inspired by my time in radio - create entertaining and valuable content and you will build an audience.  This is very different from what I have seen in marketing over the past 15 years.  


In 2006 when I made the shift from radio to marketing I was fascinated by the idea that due to these growing digital channels brands can go directing to their customers and build real emotional relationships to drive their business.  I've spent the last 15 years proving this is not just a hunch - this is the new way to build your business.  

Today most brands focus too much on the top and bottom of the funnel. They want to get your attention and immediately sell you something. They skip over the 1st and 2nd date. They skip over the wooing. The middle of the funnel is seen as optional by many, but I actually believe it's what makes the whole thing work.  The middle is where brands and companies are being built on digital, and we are the experts in digital-first social, podcasts, and YouTube. I want to help bridge the content gaps and see brands build their own audiences.

Today, I am starting Graylight Agency, a boutique digital-first social and content studio - our goal is simply to help other brands big and small shine a light on the stories that matter. 

This mission of Graylight is bigger than a content studio. We are on a mission to bring light to the world. Matthew 5:14 says, “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." How this comes to life here will evolve in the years to come but today we know there are many local organizations we hope to help as we build this company out.  


We are Graylight.

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15+ years experience as a creative and strategic marketing leader focused on content, digital and social engagement.  I am passionate about telling compelling stories and using innovative digital experiences to drive active engagement and participation with an audience.


Past experience includes building social, digital, and creative teams for Fortune 500 brands including Electronic Arts, and Universal Parks and Resorts.

He and his teams have won multiple awards in social media, video, content, influencers, and more.

He is the host of the Content Cast podcast where he interviews storytelling leaders from popular content brands.

Currently, he serves as the Marketing Committee Chair for Jobs Partnership a local Non-profit.

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