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/mav  er  ick/ noun | adjective
Free Spirit, unconventional,
independent, courageous,
one who breaks away from the herd. 

We believe in brand, and every brand has a great story to tell. Yet, most companies don't prioritize storytelling and customer engagement. We believe the best way to build a brand today is to stop interrupting and start connecting. Our goal is to build content brands that connect first.


Inspiring brands to
create content that

Our Story

Maverick Content Studio started with a crazy idea.  What if we flip-the-script of marketing to be about relationships and connecting first, and along the way help build amazing passion brands?  This idea goes back many years ago when our founder Eric Gray was in sports radio. Our approach to marketing was inspired by his early years - create entertaining and valuable content, invite people in to participate and you will build an audience.  This is very different from the annoying transactional ads we all skip today.


In 2006 the marketing world changed when brands could build fans directly through digital and social content.  Using content and experiences to drive customer engagement is no longer an optional tactic - this is the new way to drive growth and build brand.  

Today most brands focus on the top and bottom of the funnel. They want to get your attention and immediately sell you something. They skip over the 1st and 2nd date. They skip over the wooing and the relationship-building. Brand engagement is seen as optional by many, but we actually believe it's what makes the whole thing work.  Engagement is where brands and companies are being built on digital, and we are the experts in digital-first content and customer engagement! We want to help bridge the engagement gap to build inspired connection brands. 

Maverick Content Studio is a digital-first content and creative studio - our goal is simply to help brands big and small create content their fans want every day. 

The purpose of Maverick is bigger than a trailblazing fan engagement content studio. We want to every day use our gifts and skills of content and storytelling to bring light to the world with our team, our partners, and our community. 


We are                                        .



15+ years experience as a creative and strategic marketing leader focused on content, digital and social engagement.  I am passionate about telling compelling stories and using innovative digital experiences to drive active engagement and participation with an audience.


Past experience includes building social, digital, and creative teams for Fortune 500 brands including Electronic Arts, and Universal Parks and Resorts.

He and his teams have won multiple awards in social media, video, content, influencers, and more.

He is the host of the Content Cast podcast where he interviews storytelling leaders from popular content brands.

Currently, he serves as the Marketing Committee Chair for Jobs Partnership a local Non-profit.

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