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Entertain, connect and,
raving fans!
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A digital and social-first content agency helping the biggest brands engage the next generation of fans. 


Develop Clear

Content Strategies


Produce Digital Content at Scale


Ignite Social Engagement


Build Radical Brands


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People ignore advertising

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Paid media costs are Skyrocketing

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Creative content needs have Increased

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Brand trust is at rock bottom

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YouTube is the new television

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Engagement is an after thought. 

There is a new way! Let's work together and create content that your customers want. 

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Who we are
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Maverick Content Studio is a digital and social-first content agency helping brands drive always-on engagement with their customers and fans.  We are a team of free-thinking, rule-breaking creators who have built some of the best brands in the world on social and digital.

Many brands today yell and sell, and
 don't prioritize storytelling and customer engagement.

We are here to change that. We believe the best way to build a brand is to stop interrupting and start

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Strategy Development

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If it's content and engaging we do it all.

Video Storytelling

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Social Media

We create custom content strategies that will literally change your business.
We create branded entertainment, documentaries, testimonials, and social vids.
We can run one channel, or be your entire social media team.
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Original Podcasts

End-to-end production services for entertaining and informative podcasts.

Campaign Activations

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Breakthrough creative social 1st campaigns to drive awareness and get your fans talking.
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Influencer Partnerships

Influencer and creator content partnerships to help your brand grow.
We love our incredible partners!
Want to see our work, contact us!
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New Media Storytellers

Bias for Action

Built Brand Side

Innovative Challengers

Social First Creatives

Client First Partners

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We are passionate about storytelling on social and digital.

We are built to create content at the speed of culture.

We've spent years brand side, so we know your opportunities.

We are not satisfied with the way marketing has been done.

We bring break-though fresh ideas that are made to stick.

We want to not just win your business, but win you as a fan.

What makes us so special...


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Maverick Content Studio was born from the belief that engagement holds greater significance than we realize. Our founder's experience in sports radio shaped our philosophy: create entertaining, valuable content, invite people to participate, and you will build an audience. Today, Maverick remains true to this principle—rather than interrupting, we aim to become what people genuinely desire.


We're not your typical agency. Maverick is built for the free-thinking, rule-breaking creators who believe there is a new way to build brands by connecting first. Our team has helped shape some of the biggest brands in the world and we want to bring our unique kind of fun to your brand and create content your fans want.


Maverick Content Studio is a digital and social-first content agency. Our goal is simply to help brands big and small create content their fans want every day. ​ The purpose of Maverick is bigger than a trailblazing fan content studio. Every day, we strive to utilize our time, talents, and gifts to shine a light on the world, alongside our team, partners, and community.




Experienced creative and strategic marketing leader focused on brand, content, digital, and social.  He is passionate about telling compelling stories and using innovative digital experiences to drive active engagement and participation with an audience.


Eric has built social, digital, and creative teams for Fortune 500 brands including Electronic Arts, and Universal Parks and Resorts.

Most recently he served as the Head of Content and Engagement at Universal Parks and Resorts leading multiple teams including content, social, influencer, and innovation. 

After 10 years at Universal Parks and Resorts, Eric is building Maverick to bring a unique brand of fun, engagement, and storytelling to brands everywhere.

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